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as sanctioned by Summorum Pontificum

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Books and Altar Cards

Calvary and the Mass
Prayers and Ceremonies of the Holy Mass
How to Serve Low Mass



Calvary and the Mass by Reverend Fulton J. Sheen 

Reflections on the Seven Last Words of Christ, set like precious jewels  in the crown of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

$8.00, 2 for $15.00, 10 for $50.00 (Shipping Included)

Prayers and Ceremonies of the Holy Mass by Dom Prosper Guéranger 

This attractive, slim volume is an engaging, informative meditation on the prayers and actions of the Holy Sacrifice. The scholarly author speaks with devotion, clarity, and profound reverence.

Have you ever wondered...

  • Why does the priest kiss the Altar at Mass?

  • Why does he pray the Canon in silence?

  • Why are the Epistle and the Gospel read at opposite sides of the Altar?

  • What is the meaning of ad orientem?

  • Why are the Ite Missa est and the Blessing not given at a Requiem Mass?

72 pages. $12 per copy. (Shipping Included)

How to Serve Low Mass by Reverend William A. O'Brien

A simple textbook of ceremonies for altar boys, with diagrams showing the movements and positions of the server. The book contains an explanation of the vestments of the priest and sanctuary and sacristy appointments, together with an interlinear phonetic arrangement of the Latin prayers.

48 pages. $6 per copy; 5 copies, $25. (Shipping Included)

ALTAR CARDS.  Set of three

Gold Embossed, Full Color Reproductions of Antique Originals. Printed on Heavy Stock, Ready for Framing. The perfect gift for all priests who offer the Traditional Latin Mass. Beautiful set of three, Center card 14" x 24",  Side cards 14" x 9" each.

Click here to see the altar cards in color.
Cost per set of 3 un-framed cards, $85.00, includes shipping, handling, and insurance.

KNOW YOUR MASS.  Textbook from the 1950's

An illustrated manual of instruction for Catholics young and old; a step-by-step explanation of the Traditional Latin Mass; the Holy Sacrifice as the re-enactment of Calvary.

This 100-page book is an excellent catechetical tool for teaching the Traditional Latin Mass. Ideal for parents to instruct their children on the old Mass and the wealth of Catholic Traditions. It stresses the importance of reverence, and presents  the theology of the Mass in a way easily understood by children preparing for First Holy Communion. It is also instructive and informative for older students, young adults, teachers, parents, and grandparents.
With a wealth of diagrams and pictures in cartoon format, the book clearly explains the various  parts of the Mass; preparation of the altar; the history and purpose of the prayers, gestures, vestments and sacred  vessels. This text, with a 1954 Imprimatur from Francis Cardinal Spellman, then Archbishop of New York, was used extensively in Catholic schools during the 1950s.
Prices for Know Your Mass, with FREE booklet missal (includes handling and shipping): $17 per copy; 2 copies, $32; 3 copies, $44; 4 copies, $55; 10 copies, $110.

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